How to Build a Career in the Gambling Industry From Scratch How to Build a Career in the Gambling Industry From Scratch

For many years, the gambling business in Ukraine was beyond the law. During this period, casinos and slot machine halls worked underground, which negatively affected the image of gambling and contributed to the emergence of stereotypes about gambling.

However, in August of last year, gambling activity in Ukraine was legalized, which opened up wide opportunities for the development of legal business and building a successful career in this industry. So, it's time to distinguish the myths from the real advantages of the gambling industry.

In addition to the obvious advantages – getting out of the shadow and replenishing the budget through taxes and licensing payments, there is another one: now the country has a new promising and profitable direction for professional activity and getting stable income. Industry professionals are joining one of the most lucrative niches in the economy. They get a high salary and become legally protected.

Currently, there is an active development of the legal gambling market. New casinos and slot machine halls are opening in different cities, gambling and betting websites are being launched online. Therefore, now is the best time to move to the gambling industry.

More information on how to start a gambling career is offered in the article below.

Working in the gambling industry: how to start if you have no experience?

Many experts advise starting the path up the career ladder from the support service of an online casino or a betting shop – working with clients every day, an employee can get a good understanding of the audience and the business from the inside. Yes, technical support is often approached by dissatisfied customers who require a solution to their problem immediately. But if you are stress-resistant and ready to easily react to negative objections of people, then this is a great opportunity to study all the features of the sphere in a turbo mode – the nuances of financial transactions, frequent user errors, and so on.

If you are more attracted to working offline, then try yourself in a land-based casino. Moreover, now is the most suitable time for this – gambling industry in Ukraine is just beginning to gain momentum again, so there are practically no professionals in this area in the country. In such conditions, it is quite easy to become a leader and get the first promotion in a matter of months.

There are a lot of specialists working in the gaming hall, but let's look at the most basic professions that are suitable for a beginner.


The face of the gambling hall is the administrator. This is the one who meets guests at the entrance, helping to them to immerse into the fascinating world of casino. The administrator introduces a client to the rules of the establishment, gambling offers, promotions and is generally responsible for making the visitor feel as comfortable and good as possible.

Before starting to work as an administrator, you must complete basic training. During this period, the employee gets acquainted with the structure of the institution and all available types of games, studies the types of slot machines and other nuances.

One of the tricks of training is that most often it takes place in practice. Candidates communicate with visitors, try to play on their own feeling the peculiarities of the gaming session for themselves.


After joining the gambling industry, you can learn to become a dealer, aka the croupier. Several of such specialists can be present at each table at the same time. The most famous of them is the gaming dealer. He regulates the entire process of the game: explains the rules, terminology, manages the distribution of cards, tokens, chips, launches the roulette wheel, controls the size of bets and so on.

The gaming croupier is supported by a observing dealer, whose tasks include accepting funds, collecting tokens, chips and exchanging them at the cash desk. You can see a stickman on craps tables. He collects and gives the players a throwing dice, using a special device for this – the stick. In addition, the stickman is engaged in accepting and paying out bets.

In the career vertical, an ordinary croupier can grow to a pit boss, manager and even general manager of a casino. But this is preceded by long work and striving for professional improvement.

Work for multifunctional professionals: from marketers to bartenders and security personnel

If you are interested in the gambling direction, but you do not want to change your occupation, then gambling industry will always have a place for advertising, marketing and PR, IT, copywriting specialists, hostesses, as well as chefs, waiters, security guards, bartenders and many others. After all, a gambling hall is a large ecosystem where specialists from various fields provide a pleasant pastime for the fans of gambling.

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